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GiftLife Egg Bank is India's First Independent Egg Bank which enables Intended Parents to choose their donors and surrogate mothers all by themselves, as per their specifications and requirements. We understand that when you are compelled to choose an egg donor, or a surrogate mother, you would have your own choices in mind. We would love to help you in the process of finding the right egg donor as per your choices. Let it be education, height, skin colour or other preferences, we would strive to maximise your chances of getting the egg donor of your choice.

GiftLife has devised a completely online platform for finding the egg donor of your choice. All Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers of GiftLife are legally screened and personally verified by our own capable team. Few of our egg donors have already completed their medical screening. Also, all our candidates have been legally counselled about the surrogacy arrangements and the egg donation process, to make sure that you have no surprises jumping up on a later stage.

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What is egg donation?

Egg Donation is process that can help several infertile woman achieve pregnancy. Several woman are unable to become pregnant due to poor egg quality or poor ovarian reserve. With the help of egg donation, the infertile woman can become pregnant with the help from a different woman (Egg Donor).

What are the stages an Egg Donor Applicant has to go through for donating her eggs?

GiftLife Egg Bank has a simple and transparent process for new egg donor candidates. The following are the stages:

  • Counselling and filling up application
  • Medical screening
  • Medical counselling for donor
  • Hormonal Stimulation and Egg Retrieval

Counselling, Psychological Evaluation and Application for Egg Donors

 Any woman who satisfies the criterions for being an egg donor shall be eligible to donate her eggs.  The desiring egg donor should contact GiftLife Centre through phone or mail for fixing an appointment for completing an Application Form. Alternatively, an Egg Donor can provide her basic application here. The applicant should bring two passport size photographs of herself along with ID Proofs and education proof.

  • At the time of interview, the applicant and her family shall be counselled on the basic information related to egg donation. A designated counsellor shall help the applicant understand each of the questions contained in the application and shall assist the applicant in completing the application form.  
  • The application would contain question related to contact information, marital life, education, basic medical information, work and hobbies. The applicant would also be counselled on the legal implications of being an egg donor, which shall also be covered in this booklet.  
  • The Egg Donor applicant can specify themonetary compensation that is expected for her services.

  • All identifying information of the donor candidate such as the name, contact number, photographs shall not be revealed to any third party including the recipient.

Medical Screening Test for Egg Donors

The medical screening for egg donors shall consist of some basic medical tests that the applicants would be required to undertake.  The tests would contain the basic fitness of the Egg Donor, testing them venereal diseases and other basic tests which would ascertain if the candidate is fit enough to be an egg donor.  If the applicant has cleared all the medical screening successfully, then the applicant would be taken up for the Egg Donation Program with the hospital.

The Donor would be evaluated medical and psychologically to ensure that she can be a good donor medically and to rule out any medical risks for the donor during the process. Bloods tests are performed on the egg donor to ensure that she can provide good quality eggs and to ensure that she does not carry any transmittable diseases. Also the egg donor would undergo psychological evaluation to ensure that she is mentally fit to carry on the egg process.

The following medical screening tests for egg egg donors are the usual tests that are recommended:


  • Pelvic USS for AFC on Day 2/3
  • AMH
  • Thyroid Profile
  • S Prolactin
  • Blood Group & RH
  • CBC
  • RBS
  • Routine Urine Examination 
  • HIV 1&2
  • HbsAg
  • HCV
  • VDRL
  • ECG
  • Echo
  • Chest X-Ray

After the applicant has completed the medical screening, the application procedure for the egg donor is complete. The applicant can then continue with the medications for being prepared for egg donation.

Medical counselling for donor

The Egg Donor would medically counselled in the language known to them by the IVF medical team where the donor would be taking the medical treatment. The egg donor would be informed about the medical risks that the egg donor can face and complete information about the medical process of egg donation, including hormonal stimulation and egg retrieval.

Medical Process of Egg Donation

Human eggs that are produced from cells called a follicle.  A normal woman would have millions of follicular cells stored in her body at the time of her birth.  During each menstrual cycle, several such follicles go waste in the process of creating one egg. During the egg donation process, medication is given to Egg Donor for growth of the follicles into eggs. The hormonal injections would help the donor to mature multiple eggs, instead of one egg, in a single menstrual cycle. After the egg have grown to an expected level, the eggs would be retrieved by a needle that is attached to an ultrasound probe through the vaginal cavity. There would be no stitches or scares after the process is completed. The eggs would then be fertilised through a process called In Vitro Fertilisation, commonly known as "Test-Tube baby method". 

Egg donation normally would not affect the health of the donor. However, there are few medical risks that need to be clearly understood prior to the procedure being taken up. 

Hormonal Stimulation for Egg Donation

The applicant has to report to the concerned IVF Centre on the first or the second day of her menstrual bleeding. A woman would normally release one egg from their ovaries to the uterus every month. However, to maximise the chances of an egg donation program, the qualified physician from the authorised hospital would prescribe medications for producing more eggs (4 or 5 eggs) in a single month. This process is called stimulation.The Egg Donor shall be given medication for upto 12-15 days to stimulate multiple egg production in the ovaries.  After the physician is satisfied that the Egg Donor has been sufficiently stimulated for the procedure, a day shall be fixed for egg retrieval procedure. 

Egg Donor Oocyte Retrieval Procedure

On the day of the procedure, the egg donor shall be administered sedatives and the eggs shall be retrieved by trans-vaginal ultrasound.  After the retrieval is complete, the egg donation is complete.


Who is helped by Egg Donation?

Egg donation helps a woman who wishes to have a child but cannot get pregnant with her own eggs. This may be because she was born without ovaries, is in menopause, did not respond adequately to hormonal stimulation of her ovaries in the past, or has had poor egg or embryo quality with previous IVF attempts. Women may also choose to use a donor if they have a genetic disease that they do not want to pass on to their children.

Would an Egg Donor be compensated and Can an Egg Donor be paid for her services?

Indian Law allows Egg Donors to be compensated for the efforts taken by her, the her time spent by her in the process and for the physical pain undergone by her during the process. The Egg Donor candidate can determine her own compensation and the compensation is found in the profile. The compensation shall in no means be construed to be a consideration of the sale of the embryos.

Would the Egg Donor and the Recipient meet each other?

No. GiftLife follows strict confidentiality protocols to maintain anonymity of the recipient couple and the donor family. Indian Law does not permit revealing any identifying information of the egg donor or the recipient to any third party. Therefore, recipient couple would not be entitled to know any identifying information about the egg donor.

What information about the Egg Donor can be accessed by the Recipient?

All non-identifying information about the donor would be made available to you. The information would include physical appearance,  age, education, blood group, medical history, maternity history, family medical history, spouse medical history, employment history, compensation sought etc.

Will an Egg Donor know the identity of the Recipient?

Egg donor would not have access to any information about the Recipient. All information relating to the recipient shall be kept secured in our files and no material shall be revealed to any party except under due process of law.

What is a donor profile?

Egg Donor Profile contains all non-identifying information about the egg-donor such as her physical features, education, personality, habits, character sketch, RH factor etc. Each donor profile would contain the ID number of the particular donor. All references to the donor would be made highlighting the donor ID number only. The donor profiles are available online and can be accessed by the recipients themselves. 

Who is the legal parent of the child born through egg donation?

The Recipient shall be the legal parent of the child born through egg donation. The Egg Donor shall provide documentations and consent forms relinquishing all rights over eggs, embryos that may be created and the child that may be born out of the process to GiftLife. To maintain anonymity of the donor, all such documents shall be held by GiftLife.

Will the Egg Donor be informed about a successful pregnancy resulting out of egg donation process?

No. The Egg Donor shall not be informed about a success or failure of pregnancy born out of her gametes.

Can the Egg Donor claim any rights over the child?

The Egg Donor cannot claim any right over the child or children that may be born out of the process. The Egg Donor signs agreements and consent forms relinquishing rights over the child. GiftLife Egg Bank handles all the legal aspects of the egg donation arrangement to ensure that the Recipient Parents have full rights over the child that would be born out of the process.

Is the Egg Donor required to pay any fee to GiftLife Egg Bank?

No. The Egg Donor is not required to pay any fee for the services rendered by GiftLife.

What are the criterions based on which an Egg Donor may be shortlisted?

Egg Donor can be shortlisted based on skin complexion, height, weight, Education and Religion.