Egg Donors can help Childless Couple by donating their eggs and can present them the joy of parenting. Egg Donors can be paid for their effort. The total process shall take about 15 days time and purely medical. Woman who satisfy the following criterions can be Egg Donors.

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The Donor Candidate must 

  • be within 21 and 29 years
  • follow healthy lifestyle and have no genetic or communicable diseases
  • have regular monthly periods
  • not have reproductive disorders or abnormalities
  • be physically and emotionally healthy
  • have a BMI under 29
  • be Non-Nicotine user, Non-smoker and Non-drug user
  • be willing to take qualified medical team prescribed medication
  • be willing to attend to doctor's appointment for a minimum period of 15 days

Please complete the below application form.

Egg Donor Application Form
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I certify that the facts stated above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am requesting GiftLife Egg Bank to get in touch with me for providing further information on egg donation.

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