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Legal Information

Indian Law allows Egg Donation. Recipient couples can have a child with the help of an egg donor.

Compensation to the Egg Donor

Egg Donor can be compensated monetarily for her effort, the time spent in the process and for undergoing the physical pain. The Egg Donor can decide her compensation and the compensation is found in the profile of the donor.

Egg Donor has no rights over the eggs or the child born through egg donation

Egg Donor signs consent forms and relinquishes all rights over the eggs that may be collected from her, the embryos that may be formed and the child that may be born out of the embryos. The Egg Donor shall have no information on the identity of the Intended Parents or the child that maybe born out of this process.  All information pertaining to the Intended Parents and child would be kept confidential at all times. The Recipients shall have all rights over the gametes that have been sourced through the egg donor arrangement. All eggs that have been produced and retrieved pursuant to the egg donation arrangement shall be construed to be the sole property of the Intended Parents.

Anonymous Egg Donor Transaction

 The identity of the Egg Donor shall be kept anonymous at all times and the Recipients shall have no information about the Egg Donor, except such non-identifying information that may be disclosed through the egg donor profile. The Recipients cannot meet the Egg Donor or see the photographs of the egg donor candidate. The choice of the egg donor has to be made from the physical appearance information provided in the profile of the donor. The Egg Donor shall make no attempt to obtain information on the Intended Parents or the child or children that  may be born out of this process.

GiftLife Egg Bank not responsible for medical errors

Egg Donor and Recipient understands that GiftLife Egg Bank is only an ART Bank and that ART Bank shall have no responsibility towards any medical care that may be provided to the Egg Donor. Egg Donor would not under any circumstance hold GiftLife Egg Bank of any responsibility that may have been caused due to a medical malpractice.

Egg Donation and Surrogacy

The Intended Parents may use the eggs retrieved out of the egg donor to impregnate themselves for having a child or achieve parenthood through a surrogacy arrangement. 


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