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Surrogate Mother Application and Selection Process

The following is the process that is followed by a prospective surrogate mother.

Interview and Completion of Surrogate Mother Application

Surrogate Mother Applicants can complete a basic application form here. We shall get in touch with the candidate with further questions and for collection of documents. Applicants would be required to be accompanied with her husband for the direct interview.

The applicant should bring with her ID proof for her address, age and marital status along with two passport size photographs and a family photograph consisting herself, herself and her spouse.  The husband of the applicant has to individually bring is own ID proof such as his license or voter ID card.

At the time of interview, the applicant and her family shall be counselled on the basic information related to surrogacy and the role to be played by her as a surrogate mother.  The application would be free to discuss any question she may have about the surrogacy arrangement. The applicant would be required to complete an application form that would contain questions on applicant and her family, basic medical information, her education, work and hobbies.

The applicant shall be assisted by a designated counsellor for completing the application form, who shall also counsel the applicant on the legal implications of being a surrogate mother.  The applicant can specify the sum of compensation that is expected by her for her services of a surrogate mother. The applicant can also specify information such as how far she is willing to travel to the clinic, whether she can stay with the Intended parents during the course of the surrogacy arrangements or any specific requirement she may have. 

Please note: All Identifying Information Provided in the application shall remain confidential. No identifying information of the surrogate mother would be shared to any third party. After the medical screening and selection by the intended parents, the surrogate mother herself can share her contact details

Medical Screening for Surrogate Mother

After the Intended Parents have chosen a profile of the surrogate mother, the surrogate mother applicant would be required to go for medical screening at an hospital chosen by the intended parents.  GiftLife would contact the applicant and fix up an appointment at a convenient time for medical screening. The applicant would be required attend the medical screening with her spouse.

The applicant would be required to take up tests for the basic fitness of the applicant, testing for venereal diseases and other basic tests that would determine the viability of the applicant to become a surrogate mother.  If the applicant clears the medical screening successfully, then the applicant can be taken up for being a surrogate mother. If the applicant fails in the medical screening, then the applicant cannot be a surrogate mother.

Meeting Between the Surrogate Mother and the Intended Parents

After the successful completion of the medical screening, the applicant surrogate mother and her family would be required to meet the intended parents. The meeting would be semi formal meeting where the intended parents would discuss about the surrogacy arrangement and treatment procedures. The surrogate mother and her family can discuss and confirm the compensation payable to them.  The surrogate mother and her family would be free to ask any queries that they may have with the intended parents.

The compensation payable to the surrogate mother is fixed at this stage, with the joint discussion between the surrogate mother’s family and the intended parents. Since the compensation to the surrogate mother is made in progressive stage of the pregnancy, the surrogate mother can discuss on this aspect also. The surrogate mother can also discuss any additional payment in case of carrying a twin pregnancy. The compensation that is being decided in this meeting with the intended parents shall be final and shall be found in the surrogacy agreement.

Surrogate Mother Medical Counselling

The applicant surrogate mother would be required attend medical counselling at the hospital where she would taking up her treatment. During the medical counselling the surrogate mother and her family shall be counselled on the medical procedure in a surrogacy arrangement. She shall also be given a detailed purview of the medical risks that she would be exposed to during the process of surrogacy. The doctor shall also provide complete details as to how the surrogate mother and her family has conduct herself prior to and after the embryo transfer procedure for improving the success rates. The surrogate mother and her family can clarify all medical queries that they may have about the surrogacy process.

Legal Counselling and Surrogacy Agreement

The surrogacy agreement is a document that states in writing the oral understanding that has been arrived between the parties in the earlier meeting.

After applicant surrogate mother and her family have met with the intended parents and formalised the surrogacy arrangement, a surrogacy agreement would be  drawn between the parties.  The parties to the surrogacy arrangement would be the surrogate mother and her husband and the intended mother and the intended father. The surrogacy agreement would also deal with the parental rights of the intended parents and the relinquishment of the rights by the surrogate mother and her family.  The agreement shall also list out the stage wise compensation to be paid to surrogate mother and her family.

On the day of signing of the agreement, the surrogate mother and her family would be legally counselled by independent lawyers in the local language understood by the surrogate mother and her family.  The surrogate mother and her family can clarify all legal queries they may have on the surrogacy agreement or the arrangement. The surrogate mother and her family can also amend the surrogacy agreement, where required. After being fully satisfied about the contents of the surrogate agreement, the parties to the surrogacy agreement can sign the surrogacy agreement.

Embryo Transfer for the Surrogate Mother

After signing of the surrogacy agreement, the surrogate mother would be monitored periodically by the hospital where the medical procedures would be done.  The physicians would administer medication to the surrogate mother to prepare her for the embryo transfer.  The embryo transfer is the procedure whereby the embryo created out of the gametes of the intended parents would be implanted into the womb of surrogate mother.

After the embryo transfer has been completed, the surrogate now carries the child of the intended parents.  The surrogate mother has to conduct herself as per the medical counselling that was provided to her and as per the terms of the surrogacy agreement.  The surrogate mother would have to carry the child to the term attend all medical appointment s and be cautious not to hinder the growth of the child in her womb.  After the birth of the child, the surrogate has to hand over the complete custody of the child to the intended parents.

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