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Surrogate Mother

Achieving parenthood is not as simple as it should be for some couples.  Some women may have medical conditions that might not allow them to have a child of their.    Examples of such conditions are  where the woman has no uterus at the time of birth, fibroids or any other medical condition related to her uterus.  In many such couples, surrogacy would be the only way whereby the couples could have a child that is genetically related to her.


A surrogacy arrangement is an arrangement wherein one woman, called the surrogate mother, agree to carry the child that is genetically unrelated to her for the term of pregnancy and would hand over the child to the couple after the birth of the child.  The surrogate mother would be made pregnant by a medical procedure called “Embryo Transfer”, whereby the embryos created out of the gametes of the childless couple would be implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother may expect a compensation to be paid to her for her services as a surrogate mother.  The surrogate mother would have no rights over the child and the parents of the child would take the custody of the child immediately after its birth.

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